Ask Aakar Anything

Ask Aakar Anything Podcast by Aakar Patel

Ask Aakar Anything is a weekly show where Aakar Patel shares his views on topics that you raise (and sometimes on those you should have raised). Each week Aakar answers questions sent to him from across the country on subjects as diverse as politics, current affairs, sports, entertainment and social issues answering them with a unique perspective on things, the way only he can.

Irreverent, serious, insightful, analytical, funny, angry, passionate but never dull: that’s Aakar’s answer to your question about what his show is about.

17. Ask Aakar Anything: India Through a Mythological Lens

Congress’ new-found aggression. Wali, Mir and Ghalib. Tinder in India’s social context.

16. Ask Aakar Anything: Sachin Tendulkar- The last cricketing icon?

Porn ban: acting without thinking? Colonial Club snobbery. Celeb-backed causes.

15. Ask Aakar Anything: Bollywood- Sex sells. But clichés sell better.

Is struggling important? Stereotypes in Bollywood. Mumbai, city of dreams no more?

14. Ask Aakar Anything: Books and Booze

Rahul Yadav’s antics. PM on tour. Are Indians Hobbesian?

13. Ask Aakar Anything

Banias and business. Maggi in a soup. Monsoons.

12. Ask Aakar Anything

Language vs. English newspapers. Arts in India. If Aakar had three wishes.

11. Ask Aakar Anything

BCCI and FIFA. Movie about elections 2014. AAP’s chances in Mumbai.

10. Ask Aakar Anything

Are relationships going virtual? More funds for public transport? The role of religion in modern life. Are Indian ads dumb?

9. Ask Aakar Anything

Anger on social media. Creating jobs in India. Overpaid Bollywood actors. KRK vs. Yogendra Yadav.

8. Ask Aakar Anything

An indian architectural identity. Nepotism in Bollywood. Cannes’ high-heels rule. Literature in translation.

7. Ask Aakar Anything

Anurag Kashyap: genius or bore? Marijuana legalization. Bastar collector’s shades. Male playback singers.

6. Ask Aakar Anything

Mumbai v/s Delhi. The dowry calculator. Shashi Kapoor’s best films. App only shopping sites.

5. Ask Aakar Anything

Journalists and PRs. Rahul Gandhi’s plan. Indian media in Nepal. Chetan Bhagat on TV.

4. Ask Aakar Anything

Selfies. Three Khans of Bollywood. Robots taking our jobs. Older men make better lovers?

3. Ask Aakar Anything

Rajdeep and Arnab. The PM’s first year. Husbands in the kitchen. The entrepreneurial you. Corruption-free India.

2. Ask Aakar Anything

Twinkle Khanna. IPL. Marathi films. Your local baniya.

1. Ask Aakar Anything

Bollywood actress. Rahul Gandhi. Apple. Air India.

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