Our Last Week

Anuvab Pal & Kunaal Roy Kapur

Our Last Week is a fortnightly podcast by neuro-science researcher and physicist Anuvab Pal and world renowned philosopher Kunaal Roy Kapur. They come together to create an event horizon that looks at the black hole of human existence with a gravitational lens trained specifically on the human week that just went by. They’re just two guys trying to make sense of it all. Deep, bruv.

44. From ‘How Do You Do?’ to ‘What Do You Do?’

“LaLaLand is just like my life”, Life in a post-truth world, Making moments memorable.

43. Who Owns Your Life?

Who has the rights to M.S. Dhoni’s life? Does anybody know what the middlemen are for? What is the worst punishment for a human? Can Indians give feedback?

42. In India We Don’t Have Laws, We Have “General Guidelines”

Coldplay, SRK, Demi Lovato and PM Modi at a music concert. People quietly stand in queues at ATMs and banks. Soldiers protect our borders.

41. Life’s Most Basic Assumptions – SHATTERED

Money was money and leaders were better, than us. Alas, no more.

40. “If the phone dies, we die”

Succession in India. Baba to Saab. Phone charge anxieties. WhatsApp groups. Feminist taxis

39. Top Tips on When to Top-Up Tips

Loyalty pointlessness. Bouncy castles for 40 year-olds. Pointless meetings – they’re all in vein.

38. Extras and the Bollywood’s Caste-System

Zombie attacks, Bollywood extras and ‘perks’ for compulsory military service.

37. “We Believe in Following Dreams, They’re Just Not Ours”

Hearing without listening. The pointlessness of fashion. Self-expression through hired help.

36. Another Comedic Compilation of Conundrums

Join Kunaal Roy Kapur and Anuvab Pal on another round up of conundrums: safety net for freelancers, immigration in America and paperwork in India.

35. Imagining New Olympic Sports, the Our Last Week Way

Olympics fever. The Indian education system. Dictatorships and discipline.

34. Indian Monsoons – Everything Should Be Amphibian

As the railway tracks become rivers, should trains be gondolas?

33. Grovelling at glass counters. Passport Go not Pokemon Go.

More conundrums about too much specificity, using apps for sex, and self-driving cars.

32. Zomato review of a Maharashtrian eatery: “Love the arrogant waiter!”

Plus Football, Brexit, Big ideas in ecommerce, cow fodder.

31. What came first—the cat or the coffee bean?

Cats that sh*t coffee beans, paying to be peed-on and an app for every errand —welcome to another week in India

30. Live from the NCPA, Mumbai

Anti-terror tunes. Yucky Smoothies. Human-animals in the zoo.

29. India — The No-Trust Zone

World before antibiotics, chaotic airports, medieval workplace and the dreaded millenials.

28. Real Political Slogans: Mera Vikas, Sabka Vikas

Election slogans, TIME 100, ‘imagi-neering’ and the philosophy of disruption.

27. “Thoda zor se dabana”, fed-up of being poor the OLW duo go massy

IPL: when cricket is not enough, non-patriotic Harsha Bhogle and the magic of Zubin Mehta

26. British Royalty meets Bollywood Royalty

Anuvab wants to be on the Panama list. Kunaal wants Syed Kirmani to whisper in his ears.

25. Why Batman vs. Superman Is Super Unnecessary

New-Age Cabs vs. Kaali-Peelis. Questionable Casting. Territorial Brokers.

24. Getting legally noticed. Stashing your cash (in London). The Hell of Living

Bollywood controversies. Alternative Holi plans. Mallya’s flight.

23. Leo gets an Oscar, 10 reasons listicles are the future, Instant justice

Oscar winners change the world. Fiscal Deficit Nakedness. Kunaal’s weight-loss.


22. Unrealistic Bollywood, Make in India, Protests Unlimited

Bollywood never gets real | The Wolf of Dalal Street | Gravitational Waves

21. Of Blowers, Indian Uncles & More

Weird YouTube Trends | Pretentious LitFests | Bollywood Film Sets

20. Egyptian Diaries, Book Launches, Hindi Film Villains

The Villains of the ’80s| | Cleopatra’s Affairs | Attending a Book Launch

19. Uncles at Indian Weddings

A Game of Dead or Alive | New Year Resolutions | School Reunions | Indian Weddings

18. Special: The Best of Our Last Week

Recapping the best conundrums and philosophical discussions from this year’s episodes of Our Last Week.

17. Chennai Floods, Delhi Pollution & Indian Media

Ruining a Ruin | Weather Forecasting| Pakistani Generals

16. The Escapades of an Indian James Bond

Tolerant, Intolerant | #DesiJamesBond | Terrorism & Voyeurism

15. “Life is an EMI”

Emasculating a Policeman | Franchise-crazy Indians | Award Wapsi

14. Sorry, Not Sorry

India’s (Lack Of) Cinema Etiquette | Our Problem with Saying Sorry | Birthdays & Immortality

13. My BIG data is BIGger than yours

The Rise of Big Data | Uniquely Indian Smells | Sickly Beauty

12. Going to court over Court

Authenticity vs. Casting Directors | Who defined India? | Are your children cheating on you?

11. Continental in Kolkata

Defining Continental Food | Donald Trump’s Popularity | Performance Anxiety

10. TV barons make real life soap opera

Media on media action | Fat-Only Diets | Political Speeches

9. Vladimir Putin – The real life Salman Khan

The FTII Protests | Putin’s Machismo | Unrealistic Porn | Freelancer Problems.

8. Striking back at The Empire?

In this special episode of OLW, Andy Zaltzman, comedian, writer and co-host of the legendary podcast ‘The Bugle’ joins Anuvab & Kunaal.

7. Honesty is boring

Uniquely Indian Scraps “abbey teri toh”. Addictive ailments. Emo Batman. Hypochondriac Bengalis. Olympic antakshari.

6. What’s life without conundrums

Isaac Newton & gravity. Negotiations in India. Dinner parties at 40. Russell Brand apologising for colonisation.

5. Our Last Week

Maggi after 40. Buying a husband. Kareena Kapoor’s samosa. Climate, don’t change.

4. Our Last Week

Kunaal test-drives a tractor. Anuvab encounters 10 yo’s with angst. Customised Tinder for India. Panditji’s domestic espionage service.

3. Our Last Week

Movie credits for people in a hurry. The enthusiasm of MCs. Single-malt name generator. Interest rates in Iran.

2. Our Last Week

Salman Khan fans. Airhostesses as schoolteachers. Young people are foolish. Birthdays at the bank.

1. Our Last Week

Ronnie Screwala dreams. Elon Musk visits Dharavi. Pakistani spies in Mumbai. NaMo lookalikes.

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