20. From the Lab to the Kitchen: Resurrecting Indus Valley’s Proto Curry

From the kitchens of the 4000-year-old Indus Valley Civilisation comes this story of the world’s first curry and how an Indian writer, Soity Banerjee, recreated the dish in her own kitchen. It wasn’t easy – there was no recipe she could follow or a modern variant she could use as a reference. It took a mix of scientific research (conducted by Arunima Kashyap & Steve Weber), and a process of trial and error before she was able to dish up a curry that could have conceivably been cooked by someone in Farmana, an Indus Valley dig site in Haryana. How did she manage to do what she did? Tune in to find out.

Music: Josh Woodward & Chris Zabriskie
Picture: Shutterstock.com