28. ‘Lal, Neelu and Pilu’: The story of Swadeshi Sodas

Pepsi and Coke have the big billboards, but Thums Up is still one of India’s most popular brands. Vikram Doctor takes us back to 1916, when the Sodawaterwallas actually sold soda, talks to Bachi Karkaria about the soda-staples of the Parsi household, Abbas Hajoori about the fizzy Indian beverages his family has been concocting since 1923. An episode full of nostalgia via brands like Sosyo, Vimto, Ice-Cream soda and looking at a thriving ‘Indian flavoured’ soda trend that brings us everything from the grape-flavoured Bovonto of Tamil Nadu to the black-salt loaded Kashmira.

Music: Josh Woodward