53. How A New Generation of STEM Books Are Putting The Fun Back In Fundamentals

For many children, especially in India, the thought of picking up a science or maths book inspires terror. There’s no fun in a system that promotes rote learning over curiosity and understanding. Fortunately, things are changing. Books that explain STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) concepts in an interesting and engaging way are finding space on children’s bookshelves and in school libraries and inspiring kids to embrace the subjects instead of running away from them.

On this episode of The Intersection, Padma speaks to the folks at Pratham Books–an organization that publishes titles on things from friction, bio-luminescence and evolution to subtraction, spiders and blue whales–about the importance of introducing children to these concepts at an early age and making science and maths more fun for them.

Music: Josh Woodward