29. Papad – A circle that completes the square meal

When it comes to a simple home-cooked meal, nothing competes with dal and rice paired with the crunchy contrast of papad. Vikram Doctor traces the role this humble item plays in the meals of various Indian communities. He talks to writer Saaz Aggarwal about why it is the perfect food for cooking in the arid dessert of the Sindh. Radio personality Ashish Jagtiani (Jaggu) tells us why any Sindhi who doesn’t like papad will probabaly be excommunicated from the community. We then take a trip to the South and learn the difference between the North Indian papads and South Indian papadums and appalams. You might be only slightly addicted to papads, but you can’t compete with the great teacher Raman Maharshi who wrote a bhajan using appalams to make a philosophical point!

Music: Josh Woodward