24. The Unforgiving Roti: Is It Either Perfect or Inedible?

The roti or chappati, something we are all familiar with, has very basic ingredients — water, salt, and flour. But despite the utter simplicity of its components, a certain mastery is required to make the perfect roti — A mastery that many machines have attempted to replicate but failed flamboyantly. Uninfluenced by the rapid developments in the field of food technology, rotis continue to be preferred to be made only and only by hand. Machine-made rotis fall far below the expectations that the average Indian has for his roti — it must be soft, it must taste fresh, it must have risen to form a perfect halo of flour when placed on a fire, and it absolutely must be flawlessly round! In this podcast, Vikram Doctor delves deep into the science of the preparation and consumption of our national fixation.

Music: Josh Woodward